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Will Divorce Ruin Me Financially?

“Will divorce ruin me financially” is a question most spouses ask themselves. Each year, almost 3 million men and women have to go through the financial and emotional trauma of divorce.

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Keeping a stable marriage is one of the best ways of creating and preserving wealth. But divorce, on the other hand, is expensive. Marital property, including assets and debts acquired during the marriage (and sometimes even before the marriage), is divided between the parties. In most cases, divorcing couples often need about a 30% increase in their income for them to maintain the kind of lifestyle they enjoyed before divorcing. The main reason is that the same cumulative income and pool of assets now have to support two households instead of one.

For the more affluent
couples, divorce might shake up their finan

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What Should I Do If I Want A Divorce But Still Love My Husband?

The latest is a question about “What should I do if I want a divorce but still love my husband?”. See what the answer is.

What Should I Do If I Want A Divorce But Still Love My Husband? is now available to read..

Hello, I want a divorce, but I still love my husband. What should I do in this circumstance? Please advise me.

from a concerned member

While many people still get divorced for different reasons, it’s common to hear from women that they still love their husbands even though they want a divorce. And this can be a potential source of personal conflict.

If you’re facing such a struggle, there are reasons for such.

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I Wanted The Divorce, But Why Am I So Sad?

Here’s a bit about what we wrote for you: Our readers have a lot of questions and we try to answer all of them. The latest is a question about “Why Is Divorce So Painful?”.

I Wanted The Divorce, But Why Am I So Sad? is now available to read..

A few months ago, I was at a good place after finalizing my divorce. I felt content and felt peaceful. But recently, that content feeling and peace of mind is fleeting. Right now, I feel lonely, sick, and tired. I just want to cry all the time. It seems like the divorce ghosts seem to find me even though I’m the one who wanted the divorce. Please help.

from a concerned member

Most people are often excited to tak

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The Benefits of Using a Divorce Coach

Divorce not only impacts you but also your kids, your extended family, friends, and your day to day homeostasis. This is a major life transition a divorce coach can help you live through.

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I threw in the towel. I did. I gave up on my divorce negotiations because the desire to be free and away from the stress and drama in the moment felt too compelling. I had lost 40 pounds, felt exhausted, defeated, and stressed out. I was sick of the threats. 

During a post-divorce agreement mediation session to decrease spousal support, my attorney showed me the local news paper stating that permanent

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